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We are an Anglo-spanish law firm located in Galicia that cover the following aspects of purchasing a property in Spain, mainly in Galicia to give you the complete peace of mind:

We are an Anglo-Spanish law firm, located in Galicia, which deals with the following aspects of property purchase, with the aim of giving you complete peace of mind:
• Making a Land Registry check to establish current ownership.
• Checking that property is free from debts, charges and mortgages.
• Checking on any planning permissions and licences needed.
• Drafting a contract of sale or approving a contract supplied by the seller.
• Examining all the documentacion supplied to us.
• Pointing out any problems thrown up by the supplied documentation.
• Pointing out any further enquiries we think you should make of the seller.
• Arranging completion of the purchase via the signing of the final public deed (escritura).
• Arranging for the payment of fees and taxes due on the purchase.
• Arranging for registration of the title deeds at the Land Registry.
• Liaising throughout with agents, sellers, solicitors, the public notary, the tax office and the Land Registry.
• Producing appropriate Wills in respect of your Spanish property.


In addition, we pursue and defend civil lawsuits of all types, representing our clients across a wide range of disputes:
• Private law.
• Property disputes.
• Insurance claims.
• Accidents.
• Bank and debt claims.
• Breach of contract.
• Purchase contract resolutions.
• Probate.

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The office develops the activity of law since 1953 and its professionals are backed by extensive experience, enriched by the contribution of the previous generation, and by the constant renewal of legal training.

Provides legal advice to individuals, businesses and government.

Has the human and technical resources necessary for effective professional practice and is equipped with the latest technology.

Offers its clients legal advice on which underlines the commitment to quality, ethics, results and personalized attention.

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