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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s).

Why choose the services of mygreenspainhome?.

Whether you have already decided to invest in a property in Galicia or still unsure whether a purchase is right for you, we can help. We can provide you with impartial advice based upon our experience and local knowledge. We do not use high pressure sales because we want you to be happy with your investment and provide only the services which you feel necessary.

Bear in mind that in many districts in Galicia, people only speak Gallego and very little English. Negotiations by Gil Bernardez, who is a well-respected businessman with strong roots in the region, lives in the area with his family and has good relationships with many agents already and will ensure that you will buy your property at the best price.

Do I need an NiE (Número de Identificación de Extranjero)?.

All Spanish citizens are required to have an ID card. However, you do not necessarily need to obtain an NiE in order to open a bank account or buy a property. Often a UK passport will suffice, unless you intend to reside for more than 6 months in a year. We can advise you and assist you with your application which can be obtained from the Departmento de Extranjeros (Foreigners Department) of the National Police Station.

What is the Notary and what do they do?.

When you buy a Spanish Property you are strongly recommended to go to a Notary to make the transaction 'public'. In order to complete the purchase and register the property transfer legally, you will be required to attend the local Notary at a pre-determined date and time, together with the seller and your solicitor. The role of the Notary is to guarantee -as much as possible-  the legality of the sale, act as witness of the signatures, register the deeds and ensure that buyers and sellers who do not speak Spanish fully understand the contract through a representative who can translate the proceedings.

The balance of the purchase price (if a non-returnable deposit has been made) must be paid on this day and the legal transfer document will be read out and signed by both parties. You will need a solicitor and an English translation of the document, which we can also assist you with.

It may be advisable to make a Will in Spanish also at the Notary because Inheritance Law in Spain is very different to the UK and their law will apply to your Spanish home. Even if a Will exists deposited in the UK you can have serious difficulties to get it accepted by the local Registry office.

How do I find a reliable builder?.

You may be apprehensive about taking on a property in Spain which requires substantial improvement work. We have recently worked with builders and can help you choose a local builder who is trustworthy and able to finish your project to your satisfaction. If required we can liaise with them and provide you with regular reports on progress even if you are not always in the country. A charge will be made for this service, depending upon how involved you would like us to be with your project.

Do I need an architect and will I need approvals from the Concello?.

Many rural areas and towns in Galicia are protected from overdevelopment by a Local Plan (Plan de Galicia) and are designated conservation areas. Whilst renovation work will need to be passed by the local council office (Concello), this means that the area is very unlikely to see the same mass development experienced in recent times in southern Spain. It is wise to engage the services of an architect or 'Aparejador', in these circumstances and we can help you locate one in your area

I have read that Galicia is a very wet area, what is the climate really like?.

I have spent the most beautiful summers in Galicia. Summers are generally sunny and bright, not too hot, except for some rare days when you can get over 30 degrees (centigrades) and with fresh nights to sleep comfortable. Galicia is ideal for people who doesn't like too hot weather and overcrowded beaches.

But this is Green Spain,  so it may happen than some rain could come for a few odd days, and if your stance in Galicia is short you may get the wrong impression... Is difficult to say if and when this could  happen, but if you are looking for guaranteed sun every day, Galicia is not your place to go.

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