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  2. Our aim is to do the search work for Property in Galicia or North Portugal, in the areas of your interest and we will not stop until we find the house you are looking for in your dreams, either a house for restoration, a rural house, or a town house in a beautiful spot of Galicia or North of Portugal. We act as property finders avoiding you to have to talk to different property agents.

    1. Why Galicia
    2. Galicia in NorthWest Spain, started to be known thanks to the ‘Camino de Santiago’ or pilgrim’s way to Santiago de Compostela. Every year hundreds of thousands of pilgrims visit the beautiful Cathedral where it is supposed that the remains of Apostle Santiago are buried.

      1. Property in Galicia
      2. If you are looking for Property for sale in Spain, to be used as a second home, as an investment or as a permanent home for retirement, consider Galicia. Spanish citizens are moving steadily to the North coast of Spain for holidays and to buy second homes, due to the beautiful scenery, peace, marvellous food, reasonable prices, and a noticeable change of climate which is increasing the average temperature throughout the year and the number of sunny hours. To Buy Property in Galicia may be one of the best decisions you may do in your live, as many other expats have already done, and enjoy now a first or second home in Galicia, and another way of living. We act as Property Finders. Galicia Property for Sale, Galicia Real State, Galicia Houses for Sale, Galicia Rural Houses for Sale, Galicia Homes for Sale, Galicia Property Finders.

        1. Search Properties
        2. Browse our books to see the different kind of properties -new houses or to be restored, rustic houses, rural or townhouses- and in different locations -inland or in the coast-. Our filter allows to state different criteria and even a search by geographical positioning on a map, to make your search easier.

          1. Getting to Galicia
          2. Getting to Galicia- in NorthWest Spain- used to be a long and tiring trip, on top of expensive, but in the last few years has become much easier and cheaper making the area a far more accessible alternative to the south of Spain with many great advantages, one of them the much nicer temperatures in summer.

            1. Our Services
            2. We can provide a comprehensive set of services to cover as much as you possibly need, from just helping you in the process of selection and buying a property, until guiding along the full process of buying and restoring a house until is finished, and after that we may even rent your property if you wish.

              1. References
              2. We can provide references from customers who had bought or rented houses in Galicia in the past using our services.Some of them are now friends who visit regularly Galicia and always rely on us for maintenaince works to carry on their properties.

                1. FAQ's
                2. Whether you have already decided to invest in a property in Galicia, or still unsure whether a purchase is right for you, we can help. We can provide you with impartial advice based upon our experience and local knowledge to buy a House, a rural Home, or a site in Galicia or North Portugal. We do not use high pressure sales because we want you to be happy with your investment and provide only the services which you feel necessary

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