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rural site at 1km from the beach
Sunny, with good access and good location because it is approximately 900 mete from the promenade, beach and marina..With 216 m2 and the following measures: 14.51 front by a length of 14.70, is partially enclosed by an old stone wall..Outes is a beautiful coastal town of 7,800 inhabitants, situated at the bottom of the Ria de Muros y Noia, counting among its main attractio with a rich landscape without equal. Beaches, boardwalks and river, mountain trails, monuments and archaeological sites, gastronomy, celebratio, sports competitio, etc..; Became the municipality of Outes a tourist center, attracting many visito. For this reason, the tourism industry is one of the main economic activities in the area, and provision of services is extremely broad and is served by several travel agencies and restaurants, plenty of ba with dining, pizzerias, seafood restaurants, taver with lids, cafes, pubs, etc.. One of the main demands of Outes for tourists and travele are the spectacular beaches, among which are essentially three sands, two in the area of O Freixo and a third beach Bron, in the parish of San Cosme. Brona beach is one of the busiest in the whole region during the summer months, due in part to the ease of access, through a road linking the district Santiago-Walls, at the height of Catasueiro . Its vast expae of fine sand, the availability of exteive parking areas for large numbe of vehicles, provision of showe, the surveillance and rescue (this despite the zero risk, given the calm, shallow wate and the total absence of currents), and the existence of restaurants, hostels and apartments on the beach and near (Cruzeiro de Roo), make the beach one Brona permanent holder of the blue flag granted by the European Union and a strong candidate to be coidered one of the best beaches in Spain's northwest.


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